How to Protect your Chimney from Raccoon Invasion

Even though raccoons may look like cute ant twitchy-nosed animals, they can actually jump on the roofs and cause a number of problems. But there are certain things that every owner can do, in order to protect his house or you can simply call raccoon removal Toronto. In fact, any long hollow area attracts raccoons, that’s why the love chimneys. The following are some major steps of how to protect your chimney from raccoon invasion.

Set Traps

Homeowners can set traps if they know that raccoons live in their chimneys. Especially female raccoons seek out these kind of areas, in order to create their nest. The best way for owners is to set up a special chimney trap, right at the top of the flu, in order to catch them as they are trying to get out. In case there are babies inside the chimney, homeowners can remove them by their hands safely. Or they can be a ground trap, at the bottom of the chimney.

Use Ammonia or Natural Repellent

Another option to get rid of raccons is to use a natural repellent, that can be bought from a farm supply store. Alternatively, they can use ammonia; they can put a cup of ammonia on a place directly below the damper and they have to leave it there for approximately 24 hours. This canĀ make raccoons go away in about two or three days.

Place a cap on the Chimney

This has to be done after all the raccoons have evacuated the chimney. Home owners can understand that their chimney is free of these animals by shining a light, in order to be sure they are not still there. Afterwards, they just need to see the chimney flue from the top part of the roof to be certain that there are no animals present. When they are certain that their roof is free from the raccoons, they can place a chimney cap at the top of the chimney. They can make it by themselves or they can buy it from farm stores. Then they just have to follow the installation directions. This way they will prevent any future visits of raccoons or any other similar animals.

When owners try to get rid of these little creatures, they need to be very careful. For example, they must not use smoke, mothballs or naphtha flakes or anything similar. They need to remember that an adult raccoon can jump out of the chimney very easily, but their babies can not. All these vapors can cause a number of problems to raccoon babies and their mother can become very agitated, in order to try to escape from the vapors.