We rescue, care for and maintain the health of exotic animals including birds, insects, amphibians, reptiles and other small animals.  When possible we find good informed homes for them, rehabilitate them for release into the wild, or they become animal ambassadors in our educational presentations done through schools, corporation and community events.

Through our various programs and collaboration with our friends at rocanvilletown.ca the public learns why some animal species are endangered or facing extinction, as well as what conservation efforts are being put in place to protect and conserve them and their habitats.  We are able to appeal to the public to take a more active role in conservation of wildlife and wild habitats, whether through seeking donations, or through the use of revenue generated through tours, career school, and our gift shop, and by supporting other wildlife organizations in our communities.

Urban Safari Rescue Society is dedicated to the rescue, care and maintenance of exotic and other animals, and to provide education through lectures, in-house courses and outreach programs for adults and children, using exotic animals rescued from the pet trade industry, illegal breeders, smugglers, and with those animals who have been abandoned or neglected.
Raccoons are a very widespread wild animal in urban areas across canada.

Raccoons are extremely smart creatures although raccoons aren’t just really experienced climbers. Actually reports show that raccoon’s within the town may have a larger population density than raccoons in a far more normal region raccoons have tailored perfectly to town dwelling.

Raccoons possess a wide selection of vocalizations including shouts and trills, that they utilize to stay conflicts in the place of actual violence. Intelligence encourages them to prevent fights with different creatures or animals so that they don’t risk damage.